Rescued by helicopter – 72-year-old has no memory of mountain accident


The 72-year-old from Kirchdorf an der Krems in Upper Austria can no longer remember how it happened. According to the Grünau mountain rescue service, the elderly person may have slipped on a root during a hike on the Ziehberg. She injured herself and suffered a circulatory collapse.

During the holiday, the 72-year-old was on the marked hiking trail from Mittagsstein towards Pfannstein. The fatal slip happened at the municipal border between Grünau im Almtal and Steinbach, the Grünau mountain rescue service reported.

Companion called for help
The senior injured her right ankle when she fell and suffered a spinal collapse. Fortunately, she had a colleague who could call 911.

The mountain rescue team rescued the injured man with a rope rescue, after which the 72-year-old was flown to hospital by emergency helicopter. The mountain rescue service employed a total of 16 men.

Source: Krone


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