Orgy of violence in Derby – Night of Shame has people in Graz shaking their heads


The 199th Graz football derby, despite all its sporting appeal, had an extremely dull aftertaste: after riots in the fan camps, eleven were injured, a GAK fan is in hospital with a fractured skull and a Sturm fan is dead after a fall. The stadium moat was also badly affected.

Even before the match, Sturm supporters caused a commotion by violently looting a mobile GAK fan shop. “This has never happened in the history of the derby,” said GAK director Matthias Dielacher indignantly. “Mountains of fan paraphernalia were carried away.” 200 scarves alone (worth 25 euros each) have disappeared. Fortunately, the three saleswomen were able to escape without fear, an equipment clerk was pushed away but was not seriously injured and the cash register was not stolen. 20 GAK Ultras were finally able to chase the thieves away.

Some deductions will be made from the more than 300,000 euros in income. The stadium administration will invoice GAK as organizer for the damage, and the club will pass this on to Sturm as a recovery. Sturm’s management distances itself from those who caused a commotion: “Such things are not in our interests,” sports director Andreas Schicker emphasizes.

The police have filed approximately sixty reports. Some officers were even attacked with pepper spray, two were injured. There were wild fights in the city until late at night.

Source: Krone


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