Four-year-old child kidnapped – one child disappears every day in Germany


Frightening! According to estimates by the German Ministry of Justice, one parent kidnaps their own child abroad every day. Last year the authority counted 257 cases. But the number of unreported cases is much higher. Not all families turn to the judiciary, as was the case with the Hamburg airport hostage taker (see video above).

The target countries are mainly Poland, Romania, Turkey, the US and France. The most recently reported case occurred at Hamburg airport. As reported, a 35-year-old with his daughter in the car broke through a barrier at the airport and drove onto the tarmac. There he stopped at a plane ready to take off. Only after a conversation with the police that lasted 18 hours did Salman E. allow himself to be arrested without resistance.

Arrest warrant issued
The man is in custody and an arrest warrant has been issued for him. According to police, the suspect was in a “mentally exceptional condition” due to a custody dispute with his ex-wife. After an argument with his ex-partner, he fled with his daughter to her apartment in Stade in Lower Saxony and drove to the airport. The woman immediately reported the incident to the police for child abduction.

The 35-year-old’s family was already known to the youth care agency of the Stade district. “For social data protection reasons and out of consideration for the welfare of the child, we are unable to provide any further background information at this time,” an authority spokesperson said. The father had already kidnapped his daughter (4) in the past. He traveled with her for several months to Turkey, his country of origin. The mother managed to get the child back to Germany. The father got away with a fine at the time.

No suspicion of terrorism
According to the police, there is no suspicion of terrorism. During the kidnapping in Stade, he is said to have fired at least one shot into the air from a pistol. After breaking through the airport barrier, Salman E. said in an emergency call to police that he had a bomb with him and demanded that he and his daughter travel to Turkey. He also fired three shots and threw two incendiaries from the car. Because of these threats, the emergency services initially denied access to the building.

After giving up, they found a homemade dummy explosion tape next to the firearm, which consisted of a book wrapped in aluminum foil with wires inside. According to the airport, operations suspended during the hostage crisis resumed on Monday and returned to full normal during the day. More than 300 takeoffs and landings were planned again on Monday.

Source: Krone


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