17.61 carat blue diamond auctioned for 41 million euros


A private collector in Geneva has spent a whopping 39.5 million Swiss francs (41 million euros) for a rare blue diamond. A spokeswoman for auction house Christie’s ranks the 17.61-carat gemstone called “Bleu Royal” among the ten most expensive jewelry ever auctioned.

According to Christie’s, the “Bleu Royal” on a ring is the largest flawless, bright blue diamond ever offered at auction.

The estimated value of the tear-shaped stone, which was about 13 millimeters long and 8 millimeters wide, was between 32.8 million and 46.8 million euros.

It has not been revealed who sold the ring. It was said that the ‘Bleu Royal’ had been part of an ‘important private collection’ for fifty years.

Source: Krone


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