Burglary fails – excavator traps car thief at a height of almost 6 metres


Police in Akron, northwest Ohio, were called to the scene after a burglary. But the officers did not have to rush: the thief was trapped in a car six meters above the ground.

In this unusual case, even the 911 operator laughed: “That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard!” He had been warned about a burglar by the owner of a scrap yard. This was the third time Alexander Funk broke into the Arlington Auto Wrecking building, according to a spokesperson for the Akron Police Department. He always managed to escape the first two times. However, he was clearly visible on the surveillance cameras.

This time, a scrap yard worker saw the 26-year-old he was looking for crawling into a parked SUV and acted with presence of mind. He drove his excavator to the car and lifted it with his excavator bucket, which had been converted into transport vehicles.

“Not exactly a conventional method”
The body cameras of the police officers who arrived later show the excavator operator slowly lowering the SUV to the ground and the apparently angry thief being arrested. “It’s not exactly a conventional way to arrest a thief, but it sure worked,” one of the police officers explains. “Modern problems require modern solutions.”

During interrogation, Funk tried to apologize: he was running from someone and just wanted to hide. That doesn’t stop him from being charged with criminal trespass and possession of burglary tools. The 26-year-old also had that with him.

Source: Krone


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