Drunk marital quarrel – wife fired gun at husband: Cobra operation


A relationship dispute in Stallhofen (Styria) ended Sunday evening with a Cobra mission. A 49-year-old had loaded a gun and fired a shot at her 53-year-old husband during the argument.

The argument at the couple’s family home escalated around 2 a.m. “To back up her position,” police said, the woman grabbed a gun that had been kept in the dessert and loaded it. To startle her husband, she fired a shot that fell about three feet above the 53-year-old, who was lying on a couch. The man fled and called the police, who closed off the area around the house and called in the Cobra task force.

Husbands were both drunk
The 49-year-old locked herself in the bedroom, the door was broken open and the woman was arrested. The police also imposed a temporary firearms ban on them. Other firearms were seized on the orders of the Graz Public Prosecutor. Both were drunk at the time of the argument.

Source: Krone


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