Accident in the sky – two small planes collide: crash


Two small planes apparently collided and crashed over a patch of forest in Reichraming (Upper Austria). All four occupants survived. There were ambiguities due to various reports about parachutes.

Sunday shortly after 7 a.m. in Reichraming, the two light aircraft collided in mid-air. There were two men on each plane. All four escaped unharmed and terrified. The reported district fire chief Wolfgang Mayr.

It is still unclear how the collision could have happened. The two planes would have taken off in Altötting in Bavaria. According to the first reports, a father and his son were in one. One of the light aircraft got stuck in a treetop, another crashed about 500 meters away. “The fact that both planes were equipped with an emergency parachute prevented things from getting worse,” Mayr said. On this screen, the aircraft sailed to the ground. 50 emergency services from the surrounding fire brigade went to the scene of the accident.

Difficult access to crash site
“The emergency parachute caused many false alarms in the first phase,” said Reichraming Volunteer Fire Brigade Commander Michael Brunthaler, describing the confusing situation. Some eyewitnesses said a paratrooper collided with a plane. Others reported to rescuers that the pilots saved themselves from the falling wreckage by parachuting.

The crash site at the foot of the so-called Farnberg was very inaccessible for the emergency services. The cleanup continued until late Sunday afternoon. Two occupants of the plane were taken to hospital for observation alone. You have already been released.

Source: Krone


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