Only for the brave: this is the new adrenaline rush at Vienna’s Danube Tower


There is now a new attraction on the Vienna Monument, at a height of 165 meters. The “Krone” tested the highest slide in Europe.

With a total height of 252 meters, the Danube Tower has become an integral part of Vienna’s skyline. He has been watching over our city since 1964. Just in time for its 60th anniversary, the monument has now given itself a new attraction with the “Danube Tower Slide” for 940,000 euros.

The work of art, which sits at an impressive 165 meters height on the north side of the tower, can be seen from afar. Particularly brave visitors can slide from the middle floor through the semi-transparent tube to the viewing level at a height of 150 meters.

In addition to the normal entrance ticket of 18 euros, you need an extra ticket of five euros for the sliding fun. With special mats you can go down quite quickly. There isn’t much time to think. During the slide you are mainly concerned with yourself. The new attraction does provide a small adrenaline rush.

Conclusion: If you really want to enjoy the view, you should slide at least a second time. Because the fun at dizzying heights only lasts seven to nine seconds, depending on your weight.

The project by the German object artist Carsten Höller is intended to remain in place for at least three years. At least for that long you have permission to do this. If the new attraction is well received, it could stay longer.

Highest landmark in the federal capital
The Danube Tower was built in 1964 as the highlight and proud symbol of the Vienna International Garden Show (WIG) and, with a total height of 252 meters, is still the tallest structure in Austria. The chief architect was the Viennese professor Hannes Lintl. He chose a design language based on the type of television tower. Construction lasted from October 1962 to April 1964, just under two years. A total of 3,750 cubic meters of concrete and 514 tonnes of reinforced concrete were used.

About 23 million people have visited the Danube Tower since it opened in 1964, and in recent years there have been about 420,000 visitors per year, about 50 percent of whom are from abroad.

Source: Krone


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