Tradition in the US – Trump taunts President Biden with a doctor’s note


Former US President Donald Trump taunts his successor on Joe Biden’s 81st birthday. He published a letter on Monday confirming his “excellent” health. However, the severity is questionable. Biden’s health check in February revealed, among other things, acid reflux disease.

In the US, presidents regularly announce their health status. This is not legally required, but it has become a kind of ritual. On Monday, former US President Donald Trump published his doctor’s note (see video above). In it, Bruce Aronwald, Trump’s personal physician since 2021, writes that he last examined the politician’s health ‘extensively’ in September. Trump has lost weight, undergoes regular preventive exams and will continue to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle for years to come.

The letter does not reveal the Republican presidential candidate’s weight, blood pressure or other test results. Aronwald is listed as a general practitioner in the US state of New Jersey. Nevertheless, the seriousness of the letter and the investigation conducted are questionable as it is a blatant election campaign maneuver.

Biden was said to have a “stiff gait.”
US President Joe Biden’s health check was last published in February. In the five-page report, his doctor said the Democrat was able to successfully perform the duties of a president, but minor complaints were noted. These include a stiff gait and gastroesophageal reflux disease, which causes him to frequently clear his throat.

Biden turned 81 on Monday. Democrats clearly view him as the most promising candidate to win the primaries. Two years ago, he became the oldest American president ever to move to the White House. His age and his suitability to run for office again have been the subject of discussion for some time, including within his own party.

But Trump’s age is also a recurring topic. This is what the Republican candidate keeps promising and confusing people.

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