Car in a crowd – Bloody celebration of the change of power: ten dead in Liberia


A bloody incident took place in the capital Monrovia during a celebration of the upcoming change of power in Liberia, West Africa. A car drove into a group of partying supporters in front of the party headquarters of victorious candidate Joseph Boakai on Monday evening. Ten people were killed and twenty others were injured.

The driver, whose motive is still unclear, then fled on a motorcycle, local media report.

Former world footballer Weah voted out
Shortly before, the electoral commission had announced the official results of the second election on November 14. Incumbent and former world footballer George Weah lost with 49.4 percent, Boakai received 50.6 percent. Weah had already admitted defeat on Friday evening and congratulated Boakai on his victory. He won the first round on October 10 against twenty candidates with a small margin of 43.8 percent, ahead of Bookai with 43.4 percent.

Even after twenty years, war crimes still go unpunished
Despite its rich natural resources, the Atlantic Ocean coastal state is one of the poorest countries in the world. In addition to economic problems, corruption and the slow processing of previous civil war crimes, which left some 250,000 victims between 1989 and 2003, also weigh heavily on the country. Most war criminals went unpunished.

Source: Krone


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