“Waited for 15 months” – Filmed: Rare rhino is born in a zoo


A rhino cub was born in a zoo in Chester, England (see video above). The zoo has published a video of it. Mother Zuri and the cub have been inseparable since birth on Nov. 12, the zoo said Wednesday.

“We have been waiting anxiously for the birth for fifteen months,” says Emma Evison from the zoo.

“It’s quite unusual for a rhino to give birth in daylight, so we didn’t expect this to happen right before our eyes.”

One of the most endangered species in the world
According to the zoo, the eastern black rhino is one of the most endangered species in the world. Today, fewer than 600 animals can be found in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

“Unfortunately, this is a species that has been hunted and poached for more than a century for its horn, which is sold illegally in wildlife markets,” says Evison.

Source: Krone


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