Fire in apartment – fire alarm in Vienna: one person injured


On Sunday morning there was a fire in an apartment on Engerthstrasse in Vienna’s second district. The fire brigade was present with 27 men and six fire engines. The resident was just able to free himself from the burning apartment and was taken to a hospital.

When the Vienna fire brigade arrived at 10:30 am, flames were already coming from the balcony door of an apartment on Engerthstrasse.

The 27 firefighters immediately start fighting the fire with a total of six fire engines, including one extinguishing line via the turntable ladder and another extinguishing line with breathing protection via the stairs.

Injured resident
At the same time, a respiratory protection team checked the partially smoke-filled stairwell and found the resident, who was able to rescue himself from the fire-filled apartment. She was taken outside and taken to hospital after first aid.

While adjacent apartments are checked, the stairwell is made smoke-free using powerful fans. The extensive firefighting attack was quickly effective and prevented the flames from spreading to adjacent areas.

No other people were injured. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Source: Krone


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