The contact with the Islamist attacker in Paris would not have taken place alone


The radicalized attacker in Paris is said to have had contact with another Islamist. The 27-year-old was arrested after Saturday’s attack, which left one man dead, according to French media reports. So far, everything indicates that the alleged perpetrator did not act alone.

The 26-year-old is said to have prepared the crime for several weeks. According to the newspaper “Libération” he has already confessed that he stabbed a German (23) and injured two other people not far from the monument in Paris on Saturday evening. He acted in response to the persecution of Muslims worldwide. According to his own statement, the man chose to be near the Eiffel Tower because it is a symbolic place and he could not bear to see it illuminated in the colors of Israel. Anti-terrorist investigators have come across a video in which the attacker pledges allegiance to the so-called Islamic State (see video above).

No evidence of crime in text messages
Now a 27-year-old woman is being targeted by police. She is said to have met the attacker a day before the attack and exchanged short messages with him on her mobile phone immediately beforehand. She is accused of guiding Islamists who have already been convicted in France. The knife attacker is also said to have had regular contact with known Islamists. But nothing indicated an imminent act, “Libération” reported.

Mother went to the police station
The suspect’s mother had already been to a police station at the end of October to point out her son’s deteriorating psychological condition since the Gaza war. However, no grounds were seen for criminal charges. As reported, the suspected perpetrator allegedly murdered a young German tourist with a knife on Saturday. His companion was unharmed. Two other people were attacked with a hammer.

The 26-year-old has already been sentenced to four years in prison for planning another attack. He comes from an Iranian, non-religious family and was himself born and converted in France.

Source: Krone


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