Trial in Innsbruck – father sexually abused his drunken daughter several times


Incredible case of abuse in Tyrol: A 40-year-old father allegedly abused his daughter (16) several times over several months – always when she apparently looked too deeply into the glass. Now the man has to be behind bars.

“Inappropriate touching at the beginning of the year eventually culminated in sexual intercourse months later in May,” the prosecutor described in her opening statement at the Innsbruck Regional Court on Monday, before the public was excluded from the hearing.

“The trauma from my childhood has never really been processed”
The man’s lawyer also did not want to shake up the facts of the crime. “My client has made the biggest mistake of his life and would turn back time if he could.” But he himself was sexually abused as a child and never really processed this trauma. The Unterländer’s lawyer at least tried to explain the horrific attacks. .

“The daughter described the attacks in a credible manner,” the jury led by Judge Thomas Wallnöfer was convinced, referring to the hearing. The suspect was ultimately sentenced to 24 months in prison, with a maximum prison term of ten years. The 40-year-old must also pay his daughter 5,000 euros as partial compensation.

Contrite, blameless and psychologically burdened
“The fact that the young person was heavily drunk, at least during the most reprehensible act, is absolutely no reason for mitigation,” the judge emphasizes. The fact that the suspect said he “missed his wife’s tenderness” also plays no role in this context. However, the father of the family appeared to be remorseful, had previously been blameless and, according to the judge, was in a “very psychologically stressful state” at the time of the crimes.

Source: Krone


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