Major IT problems – hacker attack on the Carinthian state government


Large-scale attack with encryption software on the entire Carinthian administration. Tuesday at 5:45 am it was found that nothing worked at all. Who are the perpetrators?

The nasty surprise came on Tuesday morning: at 05.45 am employees of the Carinthian state administration discovered that nothing was working. Rien ne vas plus!

3,700 employees affected
The computers in the state government offices, in the district authorities, in the audit office and in the administrative court could no longer be used. Gerd Kurath, state spokesperson: “An encryption virus prevented the 3,700 employees of the state administration from using their computers.”

data sucked?
All systems, including those that were still intact, were immediately shut down to prevent data from being siphoned off. That this is the case cannot be ruled out. Just as quickly, an IT company and specialists from the headquarters of the National Police went in search of the causes and causes.

That it was a hacker attack and not “just” a technical malfunction was also confirmed by Governor Peter Kaiser in the “Krone conversation”: “Yes, we were the victims of such an attack.” In reality, Tuesday also meant the loss of party traffic, even the state administration telephones were out of order.

No ransom demand
Cyber ​​attacks using encryption software actually result in ransom demands. In such a case, the hackers will not remove the encryption until they pay a certain amount. Gerd Kurath in the afternoon: “I’ve never heard of anything like this until now.”

Feverish attempts were made on Tuesday to find the hackers in the anonymous expanses of the internet – but so far without success.

Source: Krone


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