Unusual action: the ladder damaged five cars and a truck


The Kobenz volunteer fire brigade was alerted at the Knittelfeld Ost motorway exit in Styria at 4:39 pm on Thursday due to an unusual operation.

A van lost a ladder on the S36, damaging five cars and a truck. The vehicles then took the next exit Knittelfeld Ost. As a result of the collision, the oil pan of a car was torn open.

Cracked oil pan
The fire brigade’s task was to direct the damaged vehicles to the nearby ASFINAG parking lot. The car with the ruptured oil pan had to be pushed off the road.

Finally, the accumulated engine oil was bound with oil binding agent and swept up, although the road had to be closed during the work in consultation with the highway police. The operation ended at 6 p.m.

Source: Krone


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