Trial in Feldkirch – teacher pulled the emergency brake and turned himself in


A teacher from Vorarlberg secretly photographed an underage student changing clothes in the swimming pool. The teacher was then wracked with remorse – and he filed a self-report. During the trial in Feldkirch he was sentenced to a fine.

Although allegations of pornographic images of minors are repeatedly heard at the Feldkirch Regional Court, judge Silke Sandholzer described the case as exceptional. After the incident, the 31-year-old suspect not only self-reported, but also quit his job as a teacher and entered therapy. “I couldn’t sleep anymore because of pangs of conscience. At a certain point it became unbearable,” the previously innocent man said in the trial on Thursday.

During the voluntary search by the police, a mobile phone and a laptop were seized from his apartment. In addition to the spy photo taken, the suspect had obtained relevant material through chat groups over the past three years. “The tendencies developed only gradually. It was gradual.” Yet the man makes it clear that he is attracted to young-looking people, but not to immature people. Moreover, the student who had photographed the former teacher had not been informed of the incident so as not to accuse him.

Hoping to distract, lawyer Max-Benjamin Ellensohn points out during the meeting that “without the steps taken by my client, the crimes would never have been put on paper.” However, the judge rejects diversion for general preventive reasons: “Such diversion almost never occurs when it comes to child pornography,” she says, referring in this context to the case law of the Oberlandesgericht Innsbruck. The consumption of the offending material also ultimately creates demand. The verdict – not yet legally binding – amounted to a fine of 2,400 euros, half of which was conditional. In addition, instructions are given to continue the psychotherapy.

Source: Krone


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