Saudis in tennis? – “Some things just shouldn’t be for sale”


They buy footballers and entire teams, divided the golf world with their LIV tour – now the Saudis want to play a big role in tennis too. The Next Gen Finals for men already took place in Jeddah this year, the heads of ATP and WTA are inclined to follow the call of the money and can imagine prominent tournaments in Saudi Arabia. It would be a dirty business.

Apparently almost everyone becomes weak when they have too much money. Last year golfer Jon Rahm was critical of the LIV tour, but now the Saudis are paying the Spaniard around 520 million euros to hit golf balls on their series in the future. This amount clearly outweighs serving as a figurehead for a country where human rights are so violated that it scores so poorly in various assessments, such as the ‘Freedom in the World’ index or the ‘Democracy index’, that it is one of the twelve worst rated countries. Usually behind China or Iran, even very clearly behind Qatar, the controversial host of the 2022 World Cup.

Source: Krone


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