Major operation in D-house explodes, woman saves herself by jumping


Major operation in D-house explodes, woman saves herself by jumping

A young woman was seriously injured and two other people were slightly injured in an explosion and fire in a residential building in the German city of Essen. The resident jumped out of the window and suffered serious injuries when she reached the street.

Because the structural structure of the two-story house was destroyed, firefighters cannot yet enter the building. It cannot be ruled out that there are still people inside. The resident of the exploded apartment is considered missing after the explosion. According to the police, there are five people in the house and the resident of an apartment on the ground floor is still missing.

“You cannot survive the violence that has taken place here,” the fire brigade spokesman said early on Sunday morning. So far, the emergency services have only been able to view the house from the outside. Debris that has fallen from walls and ceilings forms a thick layer in the building. Moreover, the fire has not yet been extinguished. When the first police officers arrived on the scene on Saturday evening, both floors were completely ablaze.

Residents of the adjacent house were also injured
The pressure wave caused by the explosion also destroyed a wall of the immediately adjacent residential building. Two residents from the adjacent house were initially treated on site by the emergency services and taken to hospital with minor injuries. Three other people were also treated by emergency services but were unharmed. As a precaution, the fire brigade worked through the city of Essen to ensure housing for those affected.

“The road is like a field of rubble”
“The street is like a rubble field, everything is full of rubble and broken glass,” said the fire brigade spokesperson. The cause of the explosion in the Steele neighborhood is still unclear.

Source: Krone


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