Officer in hospital – motorist ran over Viennese police officer’s foot


Accident in the center of Vienna: While checking the Schottenring intersection with Schottengasse, a 64-year-old motorist ran over a police officer’s foot shortly after 5 p.m. on Saturday. The officer had to go to the hospital.

The police officer used hand signals to direct traffic at the intersection. The 64-year-old was approaching the intersection at a slow speed when the police officer flashed the hand signal “Stop for all directions.”

The driver ran over the officer’s foot
However, the driver only came to a stop with his vehicle on the intersection plateau next to the officer. Because the driver was blocking the intersection, the police officer indicated with a hand gesture that he had to drive past him to leave the intersection.

Police officer taken to hospital
As the 64-year-old drove away, he suddenly ran over the police officer’s foot. The officer involved was slightly injured as a result. He still had to be taken to a hospital by the Vienna Professional Rescue Service.

Source: Krone


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