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The “Krone” gained insight into ÖBB’s new Nightjet, which travels from Tyrol and Vienna to Hamburg. The mobile hotel is something to be proud of. The new sleeping capsules in particular are real space wonders with a few surprises.

Today, December 10, a new era begins at the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). With the timetable change, brand new night trains will also run on the track. Not all lines are equipped with this yet. But on the Innsbruck-Hamburg (daily) and Vienna-Hamburg connections, the ÖBB hotels operate all night from this point onwards.

Surprisingly spacious sleeping capsules with extras
What is special about night trains 2.0? The “Krone” was given the opportunity to test drive before the premiere trip. Summary: Surprising how much comfort is possible in a small space.

Travelers will find the biggest change from previous night trains in the couchette carriage area. There are 28 mini cabins installed in the bunk system in each wagon. Sleeping capsules, not as wide as a single bed. At first glance, the completely enclosed space seems cramped.

But when you lie down, the main area opens up a surprising amount of space, making room for extravagant dreams.

From 54.90 euros from Innsbruck to Hamburg
The space wonders are also equipped with a folding table for breakfast, a reading lamp, storage space and some technical gadgets – including the best mobile phone reception. Shoes and luggage are stored in a locker in front of the door. Naturally, the sleeping capsule has no room for a wet room. The cabin can be booked for only 54.90 euros for the journey from Innsbruck to Hamburg.

Shower and toilet in the room with a view
If you want a toilet and shower in the private compartment, you can transfer to the sleeping car. The new Nightjets also promise more comfort there. In the luxury version, the double rooms even have a separate shower cabin. However, to achieve this, a little more needs to be done. The ‘sleeping car plus’ is available from just under 130 euros per person for double occupancy.

Tyrolean ÖBB spokesperson Christoph Gasser-Mair reports that there is high demand and points out that ÖBB is Europe’s largest provider of night trains. There are currently 1.5 million travelers per year. By 2030 there should be twice as many.

Source: Krone


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