Citizens afraid – Illegal explosives: there is a fuss about explosions


A series of strange explosions not only deprives the frightened townspeople in Oberwart in Burgenland of their sleep, they also worry about their safety. In the middle of the night, unknown people set off illegal fireworks in the streets that far exceed conventional fireworks in terms of explosive power.

The eerie series of questionable explosion noises in Oberwart town center has been going on for several weeks. Residents reported the latest incident near the central square on the night of last Friday to Saturday.

Fear of “hell bangers”
“The bang was deafening. “That sounded much worse than fireworks or rockets on New Year’s Eve,” says an earwitness. Like many other residents, she is concerned. It is believed the unknown perpetrators threw the apparently illegal ‘hell bangers’ into the street from a moving car. Until now, the explosions always took place between 10 p.m. and 3:30 a.m.

Deadly risk
“This is not a youth joke,” they say. Because the explosive power is enormous and much greater than that of commercially available pyrotechnics, which is allowed. Experts fear fatal consequences. “If an ignition occurs in a car, there is a good chance that no occupant will survive the explosion. If the explosive ends up on the sidewalk of passers-by, they are exposed to mortal danger,” warns an expert. It is possible that the explosives were manufactured in-house in a workshop.

Look for clues
It is still unclear who is behind the pyrotechnic attacks. Anyone who observes anything suspicious is asked to contact the police immediately on 059-133-1240. All relevant information will be received with the utmost confidentiality.

Source: Krone


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