Head-on collision – Three people were seriously injured during a fatal overtaking maneuver


It was either an impulsive act or a blatant carelessness with serious consequences. A retired Mühlviertler driver (69) overlooked the oncoming car of a 57-year-old and rammed it head-on. Both drivers and the husband of one of them, who was traveling with them, were seriously injured in the accident.

A driver (69) from Schwarzenberg in the Bohemian Forest made a momentous decision on Wednesday on the L589 in the town of Salnau (municipality of Ulrichsberg). She wanted to overtake a truck driven by a 54-year-old from Linz. The pensioner had apparently overlooked the oncoming car of a 57-year-old woman from Ulrichsberg. She could no longer avoid it: a head-on collision took place.

Rescue flight to Linz
The 69-year-old’s car was then thrown against the truck. The 57-year-old’s car ended up in a meadow.
The consequences: Firefighters freed the passengers trapped in the wreckage. The 69-year-old and her husband (74) had to be taken to the Rohrbach Clinic with serious injuries and the 57-year-old was flown by emergency helicopter to UKH Linz.

Source: Krone


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