“Becoming a danger” – The EU is changing its position on wolf protection


“Becoming a danger” – The EU is changing its position on wolf protection

He has not been found in this country for a long time, now he is back – we are talking about the wolf. However, the increase in population in the new areas is causing more and more problems and conflicts. According to animal rights activists, these can be brought under control with harmless measures – but the EU would like to take much tougher steps.

The wolf used to be found everywhere in Europe. We humans were responsible for its extermination, just as we exterminated the species in Central Europe in the mid-19th century, the nature and species protection organization WWF writes on its website. Until a few years ago, wolves were believed to be extinct in this country.

However, more positive attitudes among people, conservation efforts across the EU and appropriate laws have helped the animals to multiply again.

Today there were a few wolf families living in the Alpine Republic again. In addition to them, there are also wandering ‘lone wolves’ looking for a mate.

“The return of the wolf is good news for biodiversity in Europe. However, the density of wolf packs in some European regions has now become a real danger, especially for livestock farming,” said Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

The committee therefore wants to lower the status of the wolf from “strictly protected” to “protected”. A proposal to this effect was presented in Brussels on Wednesday for inclusion in the international Berne Convention on the Conservation of European Wild Flora and Fauna and their Natural Habitats.

The WWF was angry and accused von der Leyen of sacrificing wolf protection for her own political gain. The organization is now calling on all member states to reject the proposal.

It would be much more effective if farmers were supported in properly protecting their livestock against wolf attacks. Appropriate technological resources, clear regulations and competent contact persons are available for this purpose. The gist is that peaceful coexistence between humans and wolves is possible.

Minister of Agriculture: “Milestone”
However, Minister of Agriculture Norbert Totschnig (ÖVP) spoke in response of a “first major milestone” and referred to his own initiatives in this direction. He now called on member states to “take a clear position and agree to a change”.

In any case, the fact that Von der Leyen, like German Environment Minister Stefanie Lemke (Greens), is now “taking people’s concerns seriously” is to be welcomed, according to the minister: “The fact is that the wolf is no longer endangered in Europe and is now reproducing at up to 30 percent per year.”

Source: Krone


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