Aggression is increasing – activist: ‘I am always afraid of drivers’


Afra Porsche, member of the climate protest movement ‘Last Generation Austria’, speaks in the interview about her fear of angry drivers and unnecessary political discussions – and reveals what she would put under the Christmas tree for Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP ).

The violence by motorists against activists was central this year. It was not unusual for drivers to remove climate glue from the road themselves. In Berlin things went even further. A driver ran over a climate activist’s foot. If you’re not dealing with fear here, asks Afra Porsche: “Always. “I’m always scared.” But you have to put the situation in context with what is currently happening.

Porsche continues: As far as the global climate system is concerned, we are approaching a tipping point that would lead to mass famine. “We are dealing with droughts here and it is drying out. Our grandparents may die in cities that are too hot. And if we put it in that perspective, my fear of being beaten in the street is still not great enough.”

“Unimportant political discussions”
Recently, there were political disputes over the instructions of the Ministry of Justice regarding the detention of German climate activist Anja Windl. For the governor of Lower Austria, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, this gave the impression that “climate gluers enjoy the freedom of fools in this country.”There were political discussions and questions about the legal system. Porsche would like politicians to discuss climate protection measures as intensely as other topics. “Then we would be much, much further along.”

Pious wishes to Mikl-Leitner
By the way, the governor of Lower Austria, Mikl-Leitner, would put a climate book under the Christmas tree. “So she thinks about it.” At the same time, Porsche expresses the wish that the governor of the state “takes the scientific voices as seriously as they are. Because we have enough scientists warning. And to do nothing now is simply to deny reality.”

You can see the entire interview with Afra Porsche in the video above.

Source: Krone


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