Fled after crash – Alkolenker turns himself in to water rescue


A 30-year-old man caused an accident on a construction site in Upper Austria while under the influence of alcohol and much too quickly. After the crash, the man fled. Four hours later, he turned himself in, but not the police.

The 30-year-old from Pötting drove his car under the influence of alcohol and at high speed on Thursday around 7.30 am on the B1, municipality of Haid, coming from Linz in the direction of Marchtrenk.

Near the large construction site on the B1 in the 30 km/h limit there, he left the road and collided with newly concrete curbs. The force of the impact ripped the entire engine block and the overturned car came to rest on its roof.

send gone
When the field patrols “Hörsching 1” and “Traun 1” arrived, the driver of the accident had already fled. Due to the significant damage to the car, the Hörsching police and volunteer fire brigade started a search for the driver, but the results were negative.

Landed at Ödtsee
Then the twist: At 11:20 am, Traun’s water rescue service reported to the police. The reason: The 30-year-old driver was at Oedtsee and wanted to report the accident. An alcohol test performed at 11.50 am was still positive with 0.76 per mille. The alcohol driver was injured to an unknown extent in the accident and was taken to the UKH Linz with the rescue. The wrecked car has been towed. Follow ads.

Source: Krone


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