The four days of strike in Iberia’s handling operations start with fifty canceled flights


The strikes will take place from January 5 to 8, during the last Christmas weekend. From Facua they recall that passengers are entitled to financial compensation and payment of the costs incurred by this change in their plans.

This Friday starts four-day strike, from January 5 to 8, called on Iberia’s handling staff, forcing the company to cancel 444 flights operated by the group’s airlines across the Spanish state, affecting more than 45,600 passengers. In the case of the Basque airports minimum 48 flights They have been canceled for the time being.

Especially at the airport Loiu 18 Iberia flights have been cancelled, 9 departures and 9 arrivals. In the case of the airport HondarribiaA total of 16 flights have been suspended, 8 departures and 8 arrivals. Finally in Noahthe affected flights were 14, 7 departure and 7 arrival flights.

The industrial action called for UGT, CCOO, USO and intercompany committee could affect the operations of almost a hundred airlines to which Iberia Airport Services provides services at Aena airports, on dates coinciding with the public holiday of wise men and the return operation of the Christmas holidays.

Financial compensation for passengers

They remember from Facua-Consumidores and Acción that passengers have a right to this economic compensations and to pay the costs incurred by this change in their plans, although they note that airlines are not obliged to pay these compensations if the cancellation has been announced at least two weeks in advance.

The compensation will vary between 250 and 600 eurosdepending on the distance that the canceled flight has to travel and which can be reduced by half if the airline offers alternative transport that in no case lasts longer than four hours.

In addition, they are entitled to a refund of the entire ticket within a period of seven days. Facua also highlights the possibility of claiming other costs resulting from the cancellation, such as hotels, activities not enjoyed, or even moral damages.

If the cancellation takes place close to the departure time of the flight, the association recalls that Article 9 of the European Regulation obliges airlines to inform affected passengers “plenty of food and soft drinks”, accommodation in a hotel if necessary and Handover from the airport to the hotel.

Source: EITB


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