Biden assures he won’t let Trump “derail our democracy”


One day before the third anniversary of the attack on the Capitol, the US president has resumed his election campaign with a fiery defense of democracy and strong criticism of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Joe Bidenthe US president and presumptive Democratic candidate for the November presidential elections has declared that he will not allow his main rival, the Republican Donald Trumpdistract from our democracy“.

“I refuse to believe that in 2024, we Americans will choose to deviate from what made us the greatest nation in the history of the world: freedomhe declared at an event in Pennsylvania. Democracy remains our sacred cause and There is no country in the world better positioned to lead the world than the United States.“, underlined.

For Biden, “the choice is clear: Trump’s campaign is about himself, not about the United States, not about you; his campaign is obsessed with the past, not with the future. “He wants to sacrifice our democracy and come to power,” he emphasized.

‘Our campaign is over preserve and strengthen our American democracyhe argued before quoting George Washington, who fought in a war against England “with a clear mission: freedom.”

For Biden, this democracy remains “the most urgent issue of our time.” For example, he has accused Trump of not condemning political violence, especially after the attacks attack on the Capitol from January 6, 2021.

“Listen to me carefully: I will say what Trump won’t say. Political violence is never acceptable in the United States political system. Never. There should be no place for it in a democracy, none,” he blurted out amid the public uproar.

Source: EITB


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