Visa-free travel – “Most Powerful” passports: Austria in first place


In the ranking of the ‘most powerful’ passports, the Austrian document is currently at the top: it allows you to visit 192 countries without first applying for a visa.

For once, the annual ranking by the international consultancy firm Henley is not led by Asian countries. Six countries share the top spot, giving citizens visa-free access to a record number of travel destinations.

Top spot: Travel to 194 countries possible without a visa
The world’s best-performing passports are currently owned by four EU countries – France, Germany, Italy and Spain – as well as Singapore and a resurgent Japan (which lost its first place in five years in 2023). Holders of these passports have the remarkable opportunity to travel to 194 of 227 destinations worldwide without a visa.

South Korea, Sweden and Finland share second place with 193 visa-free travel destinations. Close behind are Austria, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands with 192 travel destinations.

Britain has improved and can travel visa-free to three more countries (191). Luxembourg, Portugal and Norway are also in fourth place.

United Arab Emirates makes the biggest leap
The US ranks seventh (188), while the United Arab Emirates has made the biggest “leap” (eleventh place with 106 visa-free travel destinations). Ukraine ranks 32nd (148), and Russia has also improved by 24 travel destinations in recent years.

In short: Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq
Afghanistan is again at the bottom of the rankings with only 28 visa-free travel destinations. Syria and Iraq are in the same place.

Passport available in a new “look”.
The Austrian passport has had a new look since December 1. That means: many high-tech tilt effects, watermarks and components that are only visible under UV light. According to the general manager of the state printing house, Helmut Lackner, the document is therefore “resistant and resistant to forgery”.

Minister of the Interior Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) said at the end of November 2023 when handing over the passport: “The counterfeiters have to try, they are biting their teeth into the new passport.”

Source: Krone


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