Vaccination reduces risk of Lung Covid by only 15%


A corona vaccination protects against serious disease, but protects against Lang Covid less than hoped. This is the conclusion of a brand new study from the US. It shows that the risk reduction is significantly lower compared to unvaccinated people and is only 15 percent.

Study author Ziyad Al-Aly, who evaluated the data of nearly 34,000 test subjects for the study, writes on Twitter: “Vaccines slightly reduce the risk of Lung Covid, but do not eliminate it.” In terms of clinical features, Lung Covid in vaccinated and unvaccinated is indistinguishable from humans, the researchers said.

The data for the study, which was published in the journal Nature, came from the National Health Database of US Veterans: 33,940 vaccinated breakthrough vaccine veterans were formed into a cohort. There were also several control groups – the total is data from about 13 million Americans.

Virus residues responsible for symptoms?
Nearly 15 percent of people infected with the coronavirus often suffer from the effects of the disease for months, some of which are severe. Fatigue, memory problems, shortness of breath and depression. Long Covid symptoms seem to be related to the presence of virus components. This is the conclusion of a clinical study in patients with chronic intestinal diseases led by Herbert Tilg, director of internal medicine I at the University Clinic of Innsbruck.

Illness can last for several months
Children and especially young people are also affected, although less often than adults. So far, it has been assumed that four to five percent of young people infected with Covid will have symptoms for four weeks or one to two percent with symptoms for three months. In these cases one speaks of the post-Covid syndrome.

Source: Krone


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