Moscow shares video – Putin critic dead: run over on the street


Russian poet and Kremlin critic Lev Rubinstein has died. The 76-year-old died on Sunday, six days after he was hit by a car in Moscow and seriously injured, his daughter Maria Rubinstein said in her blog on the ‘Live Journal’ website. .

Rubinstein was hit while crossing a street in the capital on January 8 and was taken to hospital in critical condition.

Moscow releases video
According to the Moscow Transport Authority, the driver, who was already involved in several traffic violations, did not slow down before the crosswalk. Born in Moscow in 1947, Rubinstein was a trained librarian and one of the big names in the Soviet underground literary scene of the 1970s and 1980s.

The authority released a video claiming to show the incident:

Based on preliminary information, the driver who struck Rubinstein was involved in 19 traffic violations in the past 12 months, the agency said. An investigation has been launched.

Rubinstein was considered a co-founder of Moscow Conceptualism, which rejected and ridiculed socialist realism. With his ‘index card poetry’, Rubinstein created his own genre that combined theater and poetry: the poet read on stage short sentences written on index cards.

Rubinstein is an outspoken critic of Putin
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Rubinstein became increasingly famous in Russia. His works have been published by renowned publishers and translated into several languages. Rubinstein also worked as a journalist.

Rubinstein has never made a secret of his opposition to the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He took part in opposition demonstrations and denounced oppression and human rights violations.

In March 2022, he signed an open letter with other Russian writers calling the Russian army’s attack on Ukraine a “criminal war.”

Source: Krone


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