“In the best interests” – Nauru cuts off official exchanges with Taiwan


The Pacific island nation of Nauru will sever diplomatic ties with Taiwan and recognize China. This makes Nauru the first diplomatic ally of Taipei to switch to Beijing after the presidential elections.

Nauru’s government said it is seeking a full resumption of diplomatic relations with China “in the best interests” of the country and its people, Reuters news agency reported.

Nauru is the third smallest recognized state by area and the third or fourth smallest recognized state by population (11,500) and the smallest republic in the world.

US involvement in island ‘unwavering and principled’
The US is confident in the continuity of bilateral relations under the new Taiwanese government, an American delegation assured Taipei. The US commitment to the island is “unwavering, principled and bipartisan,” former US National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley told Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. The United States is “on the side of its friends.”

Source: Krone


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