Collision with bus – police are looking for truck driver after collision


Collision with bus – police are looking for truck driver after collision

The police are looking for a truck driver whose trailer has orange flashing lights and whose license plate starts with “ZT-”. On Wednesday he boarded the bus of a 26-year-old from Hofkirchen in the Mühlkreis on the L1489 near Schenkenfelden in the Mühlviertel. The window and side mirrors were broken.

A 26-year-old from Hofkirchen/M. On Wednesday at 5.20 pm I traveled by bus on the L1489 from Schenkenfelden towards Reichenau im Mühlkreis. In the vicinity of the town of Steinschild, in the municipality of Schenkenfelden, a truck with a trailer equipped with orange flashing lights came towards him.

The two vehicles, a truck and a bus, collided sideways. The impact catapulted the bus’s left exterior mirror so hard against the side window that it shattered. The side mirror was also completely damaged.

Another bus driver helped
The driver of the damaged bus stopped after the accident and called another bus driver to assist him. There was also a passenger on his bus, who fortunately was unharmed. The second bus driver, who immediately followed, could not see the accident itself, but saw a truck with a trailer whose license plate started with “ZT-….”.

The 26-year-old was not injured in the accident. The Schenkenfelden fire brigade was deployed with approximately ten men to regulate traffic at the scene of the accident.

For information about the hit driver, please contact the Bad Leonfelden police station on 059133 4331.

Source: Krone


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