Crews arrested as Iran detains two Greek oil tankers


Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) detained two Greek oil tankers in the Persian Gulf on Friday. The ships ignored maritime regulations, the IRGC web portal said Friday. More details about the two tankers and crew will be announced shortly. Greece protested in the strongest terms, calling it an act of piracy.

Observers suspect an act of retaliation behind the action. A tanker carrying Iranian oil was recently arrested in Greek waters. In protest against this, charge d’affaires from the Greek and Swiss embassies were summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday. Switzerland also represents US interests in Tehran.

Athens summons Iranian ambassador
The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Iranian ambassador on Friday. A protest had been filed, a spokesman said. “These actions are practically piracy,” the foreign ministry said in a statement in Athens.

Greece demanded the immediate release of the crews. The ships must continue. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these actions would have “very negative consequences” for Greek-Iranian relations.

Ship crews arrested
According to information from Athens, the crew of an Iranian Navy helicopter boarded the Greek vessel Delta Poseidon in international waters on Friday, about 22 nautical miles off the coast of Iran. Armed Iranians then arrested the crew. A second Greek ship – the Prudent Warrior (pictured above) – was also stopped and its crew arrested, the Greek foreign ministry said.

Athens has informed all relevant international organizations about the incidents and calls on all Greek citizens not to travel to Iran. All Greek ships sailing in the Persian Gulf region were also notified.

Source: Krone


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