From Monday, Arrantzales will not be allowed to fish in the French waters of the Bay of Biscay for a month


Fishermen have shown their anger, warning that the supply of hake, monkfish or rooster will decrease.

France has banned fishing in the waters of the Bay of Biscay between January 22 and February 20 to protect dolphins during their mating season.

The Basque farmers are angry and concerned about the decision. In the port of Ondarroa alone, two trawlers will have to stop completely from Monday and two others will see their fishing area very limited. In concrete terms, they will no longer go to the fishing grounds for hake, monkfish or roosters. That’s why they warn that supply will decrease, they say, and prices will rise.

French fishermen will receive aid worth 80% of losses, while arrantzales have criticized the fact that the Spanish government will only insure them for 25% of losses.

In any case, the temporary ban on fishing is a response to a historic claim by environmental groups and also by the EU to protect dolphins.

Source: EITB


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