“People are collapsing” – anti-right-wing demo canceled due to crowds


A demonstration “against the right” and the opposition party AfD in Hamburg was canceled due to the large number of people. “We must end the demonstration early,” says Kazim Abaci of the Entrepreneurs Without Borders association, which co-organized the demonstration under the motto “Hamburg stands up – together against right-wing extremism and neo-Nazi networks.”

The co-organizer expressed safety concerns on Friday. People in the crowd had already collapsed and firefighters could no longer get through, Abaci said. After he initially spoke of 130,000 participants in the Jungfernstieg, the organizers later corrected the number to 80,000. According to the police, there were 50,000 demonstrators.

More anti-right-wing demonstrations are planned this weekend
This weekend, demonstrations ‘against the right’ are planned throughout Germany. Tens of thousands of participants are expected.

Clear lead against right-wing networks
Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) of Hamburg said on Friday evening: “The message to the AfD and its right-wing networks is: we are the majority, and we are strong because we are united and because we are determined to save our country and our democracy after 1945.” not to have it destroyed a second time.” In recent days, tens of thousands of people “against the right” have taken to the streets in various cities.

The demonstrations took place after a report from media company Correctiv about a meeting of right-wing radicals on November 25 in Potsdam. Several AfD politicians took part, as well as individual members of the CDU and the very conservative Union of Values.

The former head of the right-wing extremist Identitarian Movement in Austria, Martin Sellner, said he was talking about “remigration” there. When right-wing extremists use this term, they usually mean that large numbers of people of foreign origin must leave the country – even under duress.

Source: Krone


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