Big Ball in Graz – The great etiquette for a visit to the Opera Redoubt


Who asks you to dance? How do you greet correctly, how do you toast? Dance teacher Claudia Eichler gives tips. Also: Which celebrities have announced themselves for the Opernredoute and what is on the program.

“Everything is a waltz” at the Graz Opera: After a three-year break due to Corona, emcee Martin Leutgeb will pronounce these words today at 9:50 PM together with the polonaise choreographers Patricia Stieder-Zebedin and Wolfgang Nicoletti. For this, 48 ​​couples from the opening committee, the ballet students and the opera ballet danced. Then Vassilis Christopoulos conducts the Graz Philharmonic Orchestra on the waltz “Where the Lemons Bloom” by Johann Strauss – and everyone dances on the specially laid 800 square meter parquet!

Celebrate, network, gossip, dance and enjoy during the 23rd edition of the Opernredoute. But who is actually asking you to dance? How do you greet correctly, how do you toast? Dance teacher Claudia Eichler gives tips.

  • The dress code. The large evening dress is in high demand. For men this means a tuxedo, tailcoat or uniform, for women a beautiful long ball gown. It should fit the wearer and make you feel comfortable; the slit and décolleté are beautiful, but stylish. Hairstyle and makeup should match the outfit. Men’s shoes do not have to be patented. With a tailcoat you wear a pocket watch.
  • The greeting. The essentials: eye contact and a smile. The queen or higher up offers her hand. Some even kiss hands at the Redoubt.
  • The food and the beverages. Toasting has become commonplace. It’s not a faux pas, but basically you just toast each other, look each other in the eye and say, “Good luck.” Think carefully about your food choice – and be just as careful when eating (danger of stains!).
  • The dance. As a woman you can ask someone to dance, just like you can as a man. It is best to do this with a sweet smile and ask: ‘Do you want to dance?’ You stay together for at least one dance and go out together. At the end you can politely thank or bow. Under no circumstances should you leave your partner alone on the dance floor.
  • The basket. If you can’t or don’t want to dance, you can settle for an apologetic little white lie – but you have to do that all evening and actually dance with no one else.
  • The quadrille. You don’t have to be able to take any steps, you just have to appear in the room with your partner, regardless of gender, around 12:20 or 2:30 am.

“Baroque Opera” provides splendor and splendor
Organizer Bernd Pürcher is happy with the “ball comeback of the year”: “The Opernredoute is something very special, has always been the social highlight of the year – not only in Graz.” 2,500 guests are expected, there are ten differently designed “worlds” in the opera house and 45 boxes, all of which are sold out. 350 artists entertain visitors, 350 employees take care of catering, technology, etc.

“I’m looking forward to music, dancing and great conversations – and to seeing the house shine,” says host and director Ulrich Lenz, who will welcome guests on the festival steps from 7 p.m.

There are numerous celebrities among the guests: “Mister Ferrari” Heribert Kasper invites the Viennese builder Richard Lugner A. “The Graz Opera Redoute is a beautiful ball in a wonderful atmosphere,” says the opera ball legend. Alfonso Haider comes with musical star Anna Rosa Dölleralso announced his an astrologer Gerda Rogers and John Harris Boss Ernst Minarwho has secured a spacious box.

State governors come from politics Christopher Drexler (ÖVP) with the Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs Gordan Grlic Radman but also ambassadors Daniel Glunčic. State Councilors Werner Amon (ÖVP) and Karlheinz Kornhäusl (ÖVP) have confirmed their presence, as has the deputy mayor of Graz Judith Schwentner (Greens) and the two deputy municipal councillors Kurt Hohensinner And Gunter Riegler.

Source: Krone


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