Woman stabs lover – shocked verdict: only social services for murder


Woman stabs lover – shocked verdict: only social services for murder

A US court sentences a woman who stabbed her boyfriend 108 times to only community service.

Victim Chad O’Melia persuaded his drug-inexperienced new girlfriend Bryn Spejcher to take two puffs from his hash-filled bong. During the police interrogation, she later admitted that she heard evil voices in her head and panicked.

Lover and dog stabbed
Experts from the prosecution and defense testified in court that the 27-year-old subsequently suffered a psychotic episode. Spejcher took a knife and stabbed not only her lover, but also her dog.

When police arrived, the hysterically screaming woman tried to commit suicide by stabbing herself in the neck, but was prevented from doing so. O’Melia died.

100 hours of community service
The jury found Spejcher guilty of negligent homicide. The Public Prosecution Service had demanded a prison sentence of twelve years due to the brutality of the violent crime and the use of a deadly weapon.

But Judge David Worley surprised everyone in the courtroom when he announced the verdict. The lawyer considered it proven that the suspect had “involuntarily become under the influence of drugs”. That’s why he made his sentence: 100 hours of community service. The victim’s family is shocked by this.

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