Moped tuned – 17 ads against 16-year-old “screwdriver”


Two young moped riders drove a little too fast in Weyer (Upper Austria), but were unable to escape the police. The conversions that the officials found on a moped also surprised them. The boy is a gifted screwdriver!

Already in the area of ​​the entrance to Weyer, a traffic patrol noticed two mopeds driving in the same direction in front of the officials around 9.45 pm on Thursday. Because they were a bit too “tight” on the road, the officers thought that the boys had probably given their moped a facelift and wanted to take a look.

Reckless driving, people in danger
Near a lane narrowing, the officials attempted to stop. All signals were ignored by both moped riders for a distance of at least 800 meters while at the same time driving extremely daringly and sometimes endangering other road users.

Eventually one of the two was able to be overtaken and the roadblock caused him to stop. After initial hesitation, the boy also revealed the approximate identity of the fugitive moped driver. At the registration address of the latter, a 16-year-old from Weyer, the police found the moped with the engine and exhaust still very hot.

Multiple conversions
The 16-year-old himself initially fled on foot, but was arrested by the police and confessed that he had run away on purpose because he had carried out various illegal modifications to his moped.

Fold away the license plate holder
The speed check on the roller bench resulted in 111 km/h. There are also other conversions such as a sports exhaust, a downward curved rear-view mirror, a modified carburetor, a sports air filter, a larger sprocket or a number plate holder that can be folded away with the foot to avoid police investigation.

The officials found a total of 17 violations, for which the young person was reported to the district authority of Steyr-Land. License plate and registration certificate have been taken from him. The vehicle of the first youth met the regulations.

Source: Krone


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