Murder in the copy shop – 15 years for fatal shot: ‘Everything is full of blood’


Murder in the copy shop – 15 years for fatal shot: ‘Everything is full of blood’

A devastating shot or targeted killing? The jury of the Vienna Regional Court must ask itself this question. The Iranian (35), who allegedly shot a fellow countryman in his copy shop last May, continues to deny the intention to murder, but the lay judges were able to determine this: 15 years in prison.

The wife of the murdered man sits shaken by sobs in the Vienna regional court on the second day of the trial. Their interrogation even had to be interrupted. She couldn’t stop crying as she described how her husband (38) was shot in a small copy shop on Simmeringer Hauptstrasse on May 7, 2023.

Shot in the chest with your own gun?
The accused company operator must sit in the next room. According to the Public Prosecution Service, he murdered the 38-year-old after a dispute over a money transfer to Iran. The victim died at the scene of a gunshot wound to the chest.

But who owned the gun? Defense Astrid Wagner and Michael Dohr are not sure about their client. The deceased Iranian had taken her to conduct a money transaction, and the fatal shot was fired during a scuffle. The only direct witness to the crime – the Iranian’s completely distraught wife – can only remember: “The floor was covered in blood. There was a pool of blood on the ground and he was spitting up blood. It felt like something out of a movie to me. I still have nightmares. I dream about it every night.”

The DNA experts shed more light on the case. Because according to the traces found, the suspect’s version cannot be completely ruled out. The profile of both the suspect (35) and the victim was found on the entire weapon – including the magazine and trigger. But not in the form of traces of blood…

But that doesn’t convince the jury: they vote six to two for murder. The jury sentenced the 35-year-old to 15 years in prison. The victim’s now widow receives her private party relationship: 20,000 euros in funeral compensation and funeral costs – a small consolation in light of her husband’s murder. The judgment is not final.

Not the only trial surrounding the fatal shot
An afterthought at the bloody crime scene: a young man wanted to go to an ATM, near the copy shop. When he refused to show his ID to the police, they took him to the ground. A 34-year-old officer allegedly hit the bystander’s head against the asphalt twice. Everything on video from the many media representatives present. The Public Prosecution Service accuses him of “excessive, unjustified violence” – accusations of abuse of office. His trial continues on February 21.

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