After the discovery of a corpse, the Tyrolean glacier still harbors eerie secrets


After 22 years, the Schlatenkees released a corpse. At least three other climbers are suspected in the East Tyrolean Glacier in the Venice Group. But that’s not all: dead soldiers from World War II may also come to light at some point.

On a tour on the normal route from Matrei via the Schlatenkees to the Großvenediger, mountaineers have to be prepared for a lot: on the one hand considerable alpine dangers in the crevasses area and on the other hand frightening discoveries.

Two macabre finds since late June
Because this year’s summer has mainly affected the supposedly eternal ice. The result: At the end of June, an alpinist found human bones near the Neue Prager Hütte (2782 m). And last Friday a mountain guide discovered a body on the Schlatenkees.

As reported, it is likely a 37-year-old ski tourer who has been missing in the area since 2001. DNA checks are currently taking place in both cases to confirm identity with certainty.

Three missing since the 1950s
“Since the 1950s, three alpinists have been missing in the Schlatenkees,” says Mathias Ausserdorfer, chief of the alpine police in the Lienz district. “The bones discovered at the end of June could belong to one of these missing persons,” the Alpine police officer suspects. In this case, the DNA comparisons would prove to be particularly difficult and time consuming.

Of course, Ausserdorfer assumes that the glacier hides a few other dead people – from times when there was less data. Sigi Hatzer, head of the Venetian mountain guides from Prägraten, agrees. Probably nobody knows the Großvenediger better than Hatzer, who was there this week for the 1084th time (!).

Soldiers of World War IIdevoured”
Ausserdorfer and Hatzer suspect that the Schlatenkees also more or less “devoured” some soldiers. If the ice melt continues at this rate, some of these would likely surface as well.

“I have heard stories time and time again that soldiers in World War II moved into the Pinzgau and retreated through the Dorfer, Timmel and Obersulzbach valleys,” says Hatzer. They had to pass the Schlatenkees.

Source: Krone


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