War in Ukraine – 900 tons of relief goods transported so far


War in Ukraine – 900 tons of relief goods transported so far

To date, more than 900 tons of relief supplies have been loaded and transported to Ukraine and the neighboring countries of the country affected by the Russian war of aggression. The measurable amount of aid for Ukraine has now exceeded four million euros, Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) said in a broadcast on Sunday. Caritas reports that 5,500 parcels have already been collected.

So far, 70 truck deliveries have arrived. 60 of them went to Ukraine, the rest went to Slovakia, the Republic of Moldova, the Czech Republic and Poland. The relief supplies include food, hygiene kits, medicines, medical equipment, bandages, protective vests, helmets and gloves, fuel, firefighting equipment, generators and electrical equipment, as well as fire and rescue vehicles. Karner thanked the helpers and the many private initiatives for their “incredible effort”.

Caritas has already collected 5500 packages
Meanwhile, Caritas reported that 5,500 parcels had already been collected. In March, the aid organization, together with the Post, called for a major donation campaign in Austria. Helpful people all over Austria have to pack aid packages for people in Ukraine.

The need is still very great, emphasizes Anna Parr, Secretary General of Caritas Austria. The current demand is mainly for food, but also household items such as washing powder, feminine hygiene products and baby items.

Source: Krone


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