Crashed into a column – pile-up in Vienna kills seven


Mass collision Saturday afternoon in Vienna: A car crashed into a stationary column at an intersection in the Alsergrund district – five vehicles were pushed together as a result, seven people were injured.

The serious accident happened around 2:15 pm on the Rossauer bridge. Vehicles had stopped at the intersection with a red light, and another motorist crashed into the standing column. According to Andreas Huber, spokesman for the Vienna Professional Rescue Service, a total of five vehicles were involved in the massive accident.

Also child among injured
“Five people, ages five to 71, were injured and taken to a clinic with bruises and minor head injuries for further treatment,” said Huber. Two other victims, aged 59 and 64, were treated at the scene and did not require hospitalisation. Another driver declined to investigate, the spokesman said.

The vehicles were then removed by the Vienna professional fire service.

Alkolenker races in Columns
It wasn’t until Friday that a driver crashed into a standing column in Vienna. The accident claimed six injuries, the probable cause of the accident was a blood alcohol level of 2.5.

Source: Krone


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