Lost primaries – defeat for Trump rival Haley in Nevada


Lost primaries – defeat for Trump rival Haley in Nevada

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley suffered a heavy defeat during the American Republican presidential elections in the state of Nevada. Former President Donald Trump’s only remaining competitor received 32 percent on Tuesday, significantly fewer votes than the ‘none of these candidates’ option, for which more than 61 percent were in favor. Haley had virtually no opponents and Trump’s name was not on the ballot.

In this case, the outcome has no concrete impact on the race for the Republican nomination: a victory in the primaries is not decisive for the votes of the delegates, which are important for the party conventions at which the parties’ candidates are formally nominated.

The Republicans are ignoring these primaries
The reason is a dispute between state authorities and Nevada Republicans. The party decided to ignore the primaries in the American state and hold its own so-called caucus on Thursday, in which Donald Trump is the only major candidate and in which the votes of the delegates are also divided.

For Haley, the result in Nevada is another setback. She had already lost the votes in Iowa and New Hampshire in the intra-party race against Trump, who was considered the favorite. It is also becoming clear that she will also be defeated in the elections in her home state of South Carolina this month.

Biden clearly won the Democratic primaries
Meanwhile, the Democratic primaries in Nevada also took place on Tuesday, with President Joe Biden clearly winning with about 90 percent of the vote. The 81-year-old is almost certainly the Democratic candidate in the presidential elections on November 5, because he has no serious competitors.

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