He wanted to go swimming – wrong abbreviation: 61 year old stuck in the fence


Wanting to take a shortcut to go swimming, a man (61) climbed over a fence at the Kohlwehr sewage treatment plant in Ohlsdorf in Upper Austria on Monday. However, he got stuck and clung to his leg. The fire brigade had to free him, the bath trip ended for the 61-year-old in the hospital.

Not a bad idea: on a hot Monday, a 61-year-old from the Gmunden district wanted to cool off in the Traun. But the guy probably won’t go there a second time. When he wanted to climb over a fence towards the river at the Kohlwehr power station in Ohlsdorf, he got stuck and got stuck.

Liberated by firefighters
The fire brigade had to use battery spreaders to push the bars of the fence apart to free the injured person. After treatment by the emergency doctor, the 61-year-old was taken to hospital in Gmunden.

Source: Krone


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