Do not provide any information! – City of Vienna warns against fake letters in your name


If a letter from the city of Vienna arrives at your door, you should be careful at the moment: according to the magistrate, there are letters in circulation claiming to be from city departments or authorities and requesting the transmission of sensitive and personal registration data. on.

According to the request in the fraudulent letters, the data must be entered into an internet form. This requires scanning a QR code or following an internet link.

Here the city warns about the fake letters:

There is a risk of removal from the population register
If you do not do this, the data will be deleted from the central population register. This is where the fraud starts, as it is used to illegally obtain personal data from those affected. According to the City of Vienna, the letter appears to be authentically designed and contains – used illegally – real logos of the City of Vienna and actual existing addresses and telephone numbers.

Attempted fraud already reported
However, these letters do not come from a city department or authority. The link in the letter should not be followed and reporting data should not be entered into the web form. The City of Vienna has announced that registration in the Central Register of Inhabitants can only be carried out in person at a registration service point in the city or by registering online through a federal application. The attempted fraud has already been reported to the Vienna public prosecutor’s office.

Source: Krone


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