Argument with girlfriend – 18-year-old hits police officer in the face with his fist


An 18-year-old panicked completely during an argument with his girlfriend (19) in a dormitory for young adults in the Ottakring district of Vienna. The man initially appeared aggressive to the officers who intervened, before even punching a police officer in the face with his fist.

An argument broke out between the couple on Wednesday morning. The 18-year-old knocked over a box in his girlfriend’s room – several glasses and objects were broken.

When officers confronted the young man, he became increasingly short-tempered and aggressive. The 18-year-old also had a knife in his waistband, but he did not pull it out. Instead, he lashed out and punched a police officer in the face.

Shown in large size
The 18-year-old was arrested for opposing state violence. Two police officers were injured during the arrest. It was reported that the young man was at large.

Source: Krone


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