Hit by car – Andreas case: Police officer has to pay a fine


After the guilty verdict, the lawyer of the suspected police officer filed an appeal in the Andreas case. This was partially granted on Thursday. A suspended prison sentence became a fine.

The sad fate of Andreas (15) was moving. In November 2021, the teenager fell on his moped during a chase with police on a dirt road and was fatally run over by a police bus.

In February 2022, the police officer who was behind the wheel at the time was found guilty of negligent homicide. The sentence was suspended for two months. The suspect’s lawyer has filed an appeal.

Expected a fall
This appeal was partially upheld at the Salzburg Regional Court on Thursday. The police officer must pay a fine of 1,320 euros. Reasoning of the judiciary: The police officer should have expected the 15-year-old to fall. Ergo: unconscious negligence.

Source: Krone


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