Tragic accident – couple fell off an embankment with their car: wife dead


Tragic accident in the Lower Mühlviertel: an 85-year-old drove his VW Golf into a sharp bend to the right of the road. The small car fell ten meters down a steep embankment. He survived seriously injured, his wife (78) died after the helicopter flight to a hospital.

The fatal traffic accident took place on Friday morning. Around 10:30 am, an 85-year-old from the Zwettl district (Lower Austria) was driving on the L1434 from Pabneukirchen towards St. Georgen am Walde. His 78-year-old wife was in the passenger seat.

Touched with tree
While still in the municipality of Pabneukirchen, the car, for unknown reasons, veered off the road in a sharp bend to the left, hit a tree on the driver’s side and fell into the steep ditch. The accident left both occupants trapped in the car and had to be freed by the fire brigade.

Two rescue helicopters in action
The couple were seriously injured and flown by rescue helicopter to two hospitals in Linz. The 78-year-old died shortly afterwards from her injuries.

Source: Krone


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