Flowers laid – Soldiers’ wives protest: arrests in Russia


Flowers laid – Soldiers’ wives protest: arrests in Russia

Police arrested several people in Moscow and the city of Yekaterinburg during protests by relatives of Russians mobilized for the war in Ukraine. In Yekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains, five people were taken away by plainclothes police officers as they laid flowers at a soldiers’ monument, the civil rights platform OWD-Info reported on Saturday.

In Moscow, the police took two people to the station, according to information from the internet portal Sota. Both journalists have now been released.

Activists laid flowers on monuments
The protest was called for by the ‘Putj domoi’ (‘Way Home’) movement, which was founded by the wives of mobilized Russians. In seven cities, activists laid flowers at monuments to fallen Soviet soldiers from World War II. In Moscow, they used the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on the Kremlin wall at the tenth protest against the war against Ukraine, ordered by Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. A long line of people with mainly red carnations formed in front of the monument.

At the beginning of February there were already protests by soldiers’ wives – arrests were also said to have taken place:

The police were on site with many troops. There was also a large police presence not far from Red Square, as a reporter from the German Press Agency reported.

The police warned against participating in the demonstration
The authorities had warned against participating in the protest. “Due to the spread of calls on the Internet, including on social networks, to participate in a mass action in the center of Moscow, the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office considers it necessary to warn about the inadmissibility of violating the law” , the authority said. in a press release. Police officers specifically sought out journalists before the event to prevent them from reporting.

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